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Director: Mike Mastroianni, x8-2214 or [SLANT12]mma8@[SLANT12] Assistant Director: Mike Grzywinski, x8-2214 or [SLANT12]immike@[SLANT12] Secretary: Amy Kiryk, x8-2053 or [SLANT12]kiryk@[SLANT12] Student Co-Presidents: Bill Ross, [SLANT12]wross1@[SLANT12] or Jon Kline, [SLANT12]jlkline@[SLANT12] Women's President: Ashley Mazziotta, [SLANT12]amazziot@[SLANT12]

Important Dates

Monday, February 19 — Individual table tennis and call pool starts.

Thursday, February 22 — Three-on-three basketball rosters due.

Monday, February 26 — Floor hockey playoffs start.

Thursday, March 8 — Rosters due for softball and co-rec softball.

Sports in Season

Floor Hockey — The regular season ends this week. Playoffs will be posted at noon on Thursday. Playoffs will start on next Monday.

Basketball — Games are now being played at the UC. Games are played Monday through Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons. Schedules are available in the IM Office.

Team Badminton — Schedules are available at the IM Office. Games are played Monday through Thursday nights. Games take place in the main gym of Skibo Gym on Court A (stage end).

Individual Call Pool and Table Tennis — Schedules are available at the IM Office. Please play all matches as scheduled and report scores to the IM Office.

Basketball Poll


  1. Beta Regulators
  2. Lunch Bunch
  3. Beta Something and HBB Just Buckets-PiKA (tie)


  1. Flossies B
  2. Beta Freshmen
  3. ACF
  4. The Legion


  1. Beta Flashy Rob
  2. MRU Special Olympics
  3. Brown Town
  4. Qyntel Woods Fan Club
  5. KSA OB’s
  6. Ace and Role Players
  7. Beta Le Brons
  8. Flossies A
  9. Ridic
  10. PiKA A

All e-mail rosters are due 24 hours prior to stated due dates.