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An alum’s vote for a Scottie dog mascot

Sounds as if the debate over choosing a mascot will be just as spirited as when the powers in Warner Hall de-hyphenated the university’s name a decade or so ago. Talk about your tempest in a typeset.

Anyway, I love all the verbal gazorching (Does that tradition live?) over what animal/vegetable/mineral/robot is the right and proper symbol for our 107-year-old school. What better way to heat up a cold Pittsburgh winter?

Here’s one old grad’s vote for the Scottish terrier. I’ll tell you why.

•The Scottie relates to the school’s Scottish roots.
•Unlike the highlander/piper, it cannot be confused with Edinboro University’s fighting Scot.
•The Scottie is gender neutral.
•The Scottie has been unofficially used as a symbol by atheltic programs since at least the 1920s.
•The Scottie can be drawn cartoony or fierce and be an effective mascot in either mood.
•CMU will sell far more merchandise bearing a Scottie than a man wearing a skirt. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)


Dan Skantar
Class of 1980