Jay Sean debuts in Pittsburgh

Two students from Carnegie Mellon, in coalition with the University of Pittsburgh’s Indian Sub-Continent Association (ISA), are bringing one of the biggest recording artists from the UK, Jay Sean, to Pittsburgh. The Carnegie Mellon students responsible belong to a company called Lush Entertainment, headed by junior economics major Sameer Mehta and junior chemical engineering major Nadir Hyder.

“[Jay Sean] was the first big opportunity to launch the company so we jumped on it,” said Mehta, who envisioned Lush Entertainment about two years ago, along with Phi Kappa Theta pledge brother Hyder. Mehta was excited to schedule a concert with Jay Sean; he realized how big the artist was while “sitting in a friend’s dorm where Jay Sean posters were pinned up everywhere,” he said. A popular opening concert, Mehta explained, will help his company reach its goal — to “make people have fun and help diversify Pittsburgh.”

Sean is a double-platinum artist in the UK and the winner of the “Best Album,” “Best Urban Act,” and “Best Video” awards at the UK Asian. His hit singes include “Ride It” and “Eyes of You,” the latter hitting number six on the UK pop charts; his most popular single, “Stolen,” reached number four on the charts. Sean also appeared in 2005 Bollywood film Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (We Are So Cool). Sean, who is wildly popular in Europe and India, dropped out of medical school to pursue music with fellow artists Juggy D and Rishi Rich, both well-known musicians in Europe. Hyder said Sean is an “international and cultural icon for South Asians everywhere.”

Mehta and Hyder had to work hard to attract Sean to Pittsburgh. “We wrote a press release about our company and our goals and, at the same time ... we got into contact with Jay and other artists,” Mehta said. “However, we felt that Jay suited our demographic the best and that is why we went with him.” Sean is currently on tour in the U.S., with the goal of broadening his demographic outside Europe and Asia, which fits well with the wants of Mehta and Hyder. “We expect him to open a new market right here in Pittsburgh,” Mehta said, expecting a sold-out show.

As for the future of Lush Entertainment after the event, Hyder wishes to “have consistent events, once or twice a month throughout the academic year.” In addition to hosting concerts, he aims to enrich local talent by using student DJs and dancers as opening acts.